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The Referral Process:

One of the most important parts of helping A Wish Come True to fulfill its mission is to receive referrals of potential wish children. The wish process starts when a caring person refers a child to us. Learn about who is eligible for a wish to be granted and how AWCT accepts referrals, you could be that caring person. Remember "Dreams are only A WISH away."

How Does a Child Qualify for a Wish?

  • The child has a life threatening illness.

  • The child's doctor will be contacted for authorization that the child medically qualifies.

  • The age of the child is 3 through 18.

  • The child must not have had a wish granted by another wish granting organization.

  • The child lives in Rhode Island or areas of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Who Can Refer a Child to A Wish Come True?

Anyone can refer a child to be considered as a candidate for a wish to be granted. The only requirement is that the parents/guardians of the child know that you are referring him/her to us.

How Can I Refer a Child?
To refer a child who lives in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts, you may click the button below to send an email, or contact us at (401) 781-9199, and we will do the rest.

Send us an email:



To refer a child, kindly download our Wish Referral form. Once completed, please send the form to Kelly Bolton at

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