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Are you associated with MAKE-A-WISH?

No, AWCT is not associated with the national organization Make-A-Wish®. We are a local wish granting agency. All the money we raise goes to local children.

How many staff do you have?

We have 3 full time positions. We rely heavily on volunteers, so fundraising efforts directly impact our programs.

What are your funding sources?

We depend  on the goodness of our community. We are grateful to many individual & corporate donors. We also host & benefit from many fundraising events. You can also support us through United Way & other employer matching gift programs.

How much does a wish cost?

The average cost of granting A WISH is between $5,000 and $7,000. This varies depending on the wish, size of the family and if there are any special medical needs to consider.

What is the most requested wish?

The most popular wish is to take a trip to Florida, which includes a stay at Give Kids The World and trips to Disney, Universal and Sea World. Other popular wishes include shopping sprees, sports related experiences and visits to meet celebrities.These are just a few examples of the over 1,600 wishes we have granted during the last 38 years.

Do you need to be terminal to qualify?

No, any child with a life-threatening illness, as determined by the child’s physician, is medically qualified. The AWCT staff follows guidelines and works closely with the wish child’s physician to determine the safest and most appropriate way to grant the child’s wish.

Are their income qualifications?

No, family income is not a consideration in determining whether a child is eligible to receive a wish.

Does the family pay for the wish?

No. All wish expenses are fully covered by A Wish Come True, including travel accommodations & spending money.

What is the referral process?

One of the most important parts of helping A Wish Come True to fulfill its mission is to receive referrals of potential wish children. The wish process starts when a caring person refers a child to us. Learn about who is eligible for a wish to be granted and how AWCT accepts referrals, you could be that caring person. Remember "Dreams are only A WISH away."

How does a child qualify?

• The child has a life threatening illness.

• The child's doctor will be contacted for authorization that the child medically qualifies.

• The age of the child is 3 - 18.

• The child must not have had a wish granted by another wish granting organization.

• The child lives in Rhode Island or areas of Southeastern   Massachusetts.

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