How much does a wish cost?


The average cost of granting A WISH is between $5,000 and $7,000. this varies depending on the wish, the size of the family, and if there are any special medical needs to consiider.


When did AWCT first start?


A Wish Come True was founded on October 8, 1982.


Are you associated with Make-A-Wish®?


No, AWCT is not associated with the national organization Make-A-Wish®. We are a local wish granting agency. All the money we raise here, stays here to grant wishes for local children.


What is the most requested wish?


The most popular wish is to take a trip to Disney World. Other popular wishes included shopping sprees, sports related experiences, and visits to meet celebrities.


What are your sources of funding?


Individual and corporate monetary and in-kind donations of goods and services comprise our primary source of funding. We also benefit from external and internal fundraising events. United Way and Combined Federal campaigns are an additional source of funding. We also benefit from individuals who plan future gifts from their estates or give from their IRAs.


Who can receive a wish?


All medically-qualified local children ages 3 through 18 who have a life-threatening illness and have not received a wish from another organization are eligible. The child's treating physician makes the final determination of whether a child's medical condition qualifies him or her for A WISH. 


Does a child's condition have to be terminal to qualify for a WISH?


No, any child with a life-threatening illness as determined by the child’s physician is medically qualified. Our Wish Coordinator follows guidelines and works closely with the wish child’s physician to determine the safest and most appropriate way to grant the child’s wish.


Does the family have to pay for the wish?


No. All wish expenses are fully covered, including all travel and spending money when appropriate.


Does the family have to meet income qualifications before a child can receive a wish?


No. Family income is not a consideration in determining whether a child is eligible to receive a wish.



For Volunteers

How long is the application process?

About one month, depending on the schedule of our training sessions. Once you are on board as a volunteer, we try to get you involved right away!

What kind of commitment is there?

Commitment levels vary in terms of time, depending on which volunteer duties you perform.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

We offer all kinds of volunteer experiences, from wish granting to public speaking, event planning and execution, helping us out in the office, working on our Favors 4 Wishes programs, or as a champion for our Kids helping Kids Program.

Are volunteers very involved with the children?

Wish granting offers the highest level of involvement with wish children and their families. Wish Granters meet a family at the beginning and end of a wish. Our emphasis is on delivering a one-of-a-kind wish experience to each and every child who is referred to us.

Do you have volunteer positions that aren’t emotionally demanding?

We know that the work we do can sometimes have a high emotional content. Some people would like to help because they relate to our mission, but would prefer little or no involvement with families. In such cases, we suggest the positions of Fundraising Volunteer or Office Volunteer. All of our volunteer positions contribute equally to our mission, which helps us to ensure that our children’s wishes come true.


Who can refer a child?


Anyone can refer a child who has a life-threatening illness. The only requirement is that the parent and/or guardian of the child know you are referring him/her to us for a wish.


Who can receive a wish?


Any child between the ages or 3 and 18 who has a life-threatening illness and lives in RI or the areas of Southeastern MA.


Who determines if a child is eligible for a wish?


The child's medical doctor.


Does a child have to have a particular life-threatening illness to qualify?


No, we do not have specific requirements regarding illness.


What happenes next?


After the referral has been received, we will contact the child's doctor to verify if the child qualifies for A WISH. Once the physician has determined eligibility, we will contact the child's parent or guardian to notify them


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