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James' Wish Is For A Backyard Playset!

"Cancer touches so many people in our society, yet one never expects it to hit so close to home. My son, James was diagnosed with Leukemia on 9/10/2019, just two weeks shy of his second birthday. Most people describe James as having a strong personality, fearless and constantly joyful. His laugh can brighten anyones' day. He enjoys playing with hi older cousins and friends, but most of all he enjoys being with his big brother Aiden. Aiden is 5 years old and due to his special needs (autism spectrum, non-verbal and epileptic) it is difficult to bring him to the hospital to visit his little brother. One of the hardest parts of the diagnoses is all the time that they spent apart. James spends a lot of time in the hospital, but as soon as he sees his brother again, it doesn't matter in how much pain he's in, he immediately gets excited and smiles at his big brother. I want James to have the best quality of life possible, despite this terrible disease. Due to his compromised immune system, this isn't always possible, especially during the pandemic we are facing. One of James and Aiden's favorite things to do is play outdoors and at the playground. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, James' compromised immune system makes it impossible to pay outdoors and in the community. They would love having an outdoor play set or swing set to have in our yard. This will allow them to be able to spend their free time bonding and dong something they love.

Despite this difficult experience my family has been going through, we are fortunate that James can receive the treatment and care he needs. However, due to the long hours it takes to care for him, I have been out of work since his diagnosis. Right now we only rely on my husbands income, which is not enough to cover all of our expenses. It is a very stressful situation, finding yourself caring for a sick child, another child with special needs and to also not make enough money to make ends meet. Your donation will make a big difference in our lives as it will relieve some of the pressures that my family is facing.

— Mom, Caroline

James – 2.5 years old

From – Cranston, RI

Illness – Leukemia



Joseph's Wish is to go to Disney World!

“Joseph was born premature weighing 3lbs. Throughout his entire life, he has spent a lot of time at Hasbro Children’s Hospital for emergency room visits, surgeries, and admissions. His most recent surgery was at the beginning of December 2019. Juggling all of Joseph’s health conditions can be a lot to handle. We have had many times were he has struggled through certain situations, but we overcome them by love, faith, and hope. He loves letters and numbers, and his favorite characters are Mickey Mouse and Toy Story. Joseph is very excited for his Wish to Disney to meet his favorites and we cannot wait to see his joy and excitement! Thank you for making his Wish Come True!”

 – Joseph’s Mom

Sponsored by Kent Washington Association of Realtors

Joseph – 6 years old

From – Warwick, RI

Illness – Multiple including Mitochondrial Disease and Epilepsy



Ella's Wish is to have a wheelchair lift for her backyard!

“Ella suffered a brain AVM rupture and pediatric stroke in 2015 at age 5. This event caused Ella to lose her ability to walk and talk, but she works hard everyday in her therapies to regain her abilities. Ella is now dependent of a wheelchair and it's difficult for her family to get her into their backyard. Ella’s Wish of a porch lift will allow her outside access to enjoy nature and time with family and friends.”

~ Ella’s Mom

Sponsored by Bryant University Students

Ella – 10 years old

From: Coventry

Illness – AVM Rupture/Pediatric Stroke



Sophia’s Wish is to go to New York on a shopping spree!

“On September 24, 2019 Sophia was experiencing pain in the middle of her chest and flu like symptoms. Initially the diagnosis was pneumonia however her doctor suspected there may something more serious going on. That evening, Sophia was sent for a chest x-ray and CT Scan.  The scans uncovered a tumor in the middle of her chest under her sternum. She was admitted to Hasbro Children’s Hospital immediately. She was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. On Oct 16, 2019 she began Chemotherapy treatments at the Tomorrow Fund Clinic located at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. She hasn’t returned to school, each round of Chemotherapy lasts for 3 weeks and result in various painful and uncomfortable side effects.  She is an honor Student at Coventry high School and she has aspirations to attend RISD as an artist.” ~ mom Melanie.

Sponsored by AGI Construction, Inc.

Sophia – 16 years old

From – Hope, RI

Illness – Hodgkin's Lymphoma



Henry’s wish is to go to Disney World!

“Hasbro Children’s Hospital diagnosed Henry with Stage IV High-Risk Neuroblastoma at the end of June 2017. He has had multiple rounds of chemotherapy along with major abdominal surgery within a year and a half's time. In December 2018 he was declared to have no evidence of this disease. Henry now has Stage 3 Chronic Kidney disease, hearing loss from his treatment.  During his scans at the end of September 2019, Hasbro found that Henry had relapsed and the cancer has returned.  He is now in the middle of going through another four rounds of chemo.


Henry attends preschool at Primrose Hill School. When he is well enough, Henry is a really happy and outgoing child even with these obstacles! He loves to play with his older brother Lincoln and do anything fun!” – Henry’s Mom

Sponsored by Polar Plunge

Henry – 4 years old

From – Barrington, RI

Illness – Brain Cancer



Evan’s wish is to go to Disney World!

“Evan was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer.  He has been a true fighter and has the support of his little sister and twin brother and parents.  Evan’s wish is to go to Disney World. He likes Spiderman and he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.”

Sponsored by Providence College Friars

Evan –4 years old

From – Pawtucket, RI

Illness – Cancer



Isaiah’s wish is to go to Give Kids the World/Disney!

“Isaiah was a previously healthy 5 year old little boy who loved football, kindergarten and playing on the playground with his friends. Until one day he began showing common cold symptoms and quickly became paralyzed from the neck down and on a ventilator. On September 3, 2018 Isaiah was diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) which is inflammation of the spinal cord. AFM only affects 1 in 1 million children. There is no cause, no cure, or prognosis for this rare disease. Isaiah is only the 2nd case ever in Rhode Island. After 55 days in the PICU at Hasbro and 6 months in intense rehab, Isaiah was able to come home April 2019. He has regained some movement but is still unable to walk. He has a long road ahead but is determined to get better!

Sponsored by AGI Construction Co.

Isaiah- 5 Years Old

From – Coventry, RI

Illness – Acute Flaccid Myelitis- Spinal Cord Injury



Patrick's Wish was to go to Disney World!

“ Brian was a great student at Coventry High School when he was diagnosed with leukemia last year.  He has gone through extensive treatments.  He now goes to school part time at Community College of Rhode Island and he works at Walmart.


This is the first family trip for this family.  He will be going to Disney with his Mother, Grandmother and brother Zach to ring in the New Year.

Sponsored by Rock, Rhythm and Blues

Brian -18  years old

From – Chepachet, RI

Illness- Leukemia/Autism



Patrick's Wish was to go to Disney World!

“Patrick Jr. (“PJ”) is five years old and is from Chepachet, RI.  PJ had his first seizure when he was just three months old. That was by far the scariest moment of our lives. We spent four days at Hasbro Children’s Hospital where they performed many tests looking for a cause, but the exact reason was unknown. PJ’s neurologist recently did blood test that gave us the answers that we were looking for. PJ has a SCN1A seizure disorder which affects the sodium regulation in the brain. While it is refreshing to finally have an answer as to why, it is also saddening to know that this is a condition he will not grow out of.


PJ’s Wish is to travel to Disney World to meet his favorite character, Mickey Mouse! “We are thankful for his Wish to be granted and are looking forward to having this much needed break!” - PJ’s father, Patrick

Sponsored by  David Louis Cunha Foundation

Patrick – 5 years old

From – Chepachet, RI

Illness – Severe Epilepsy



Angel's Wish was for a Bedroom Set!

“Angel was seen limping in September 2016 and when we asked what happened, she said she lost her balance while playing at school. She was taken to Hasbro Children ‘s Hospital for evaluation. All test were negative and after about a week or less she could not walk or sit, then had a very high fever. Angel was consistently in pain until early 2017 when was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis which then left her to be dependent on continuous IV infusions. Without the infusions her immune system would shut down. She has frequent trips to the hospital and struggles but she is always smiling!” ~ Angels Mom


“Receiving this bedroom set made my daughter so happy.  Last year you helped her sister and it is remarkable what you do!”~ Mom

Sponsored by Cranston West Students/Raymour Flanigan

Angel – 10 years old

From- Providence, RI

Illness – Juvenile Arthritis causing IV dependency



Andrew's Wish was to go to Disney World!

“Andrew was born with significant brain injuries causing multiple trips weekly to Boston Children’s Hospital.  He is a fighter!

He has had multiple surgeries on his brain and he is very excited about trains and meeting his favorite characters at Disney.


“ This trip was so special.  We cannot thank you enough.  You made our dreams come true.” ~ Amanda and Jeremy


Sponsored by International Union of  Elevator Contractors

Andrew– 4 years old

From – Marion, MA

Illness – Severe Brain Trauma



Kostantinos Wish was to go on a shopping spree in New York City!

Kosta had “a shopping experience of a lifetime.” described by his mom, Lisa. His Wish was to have a shopping spree in New York City! Kosta and his family had a great time in the city and A Wish Come True is thrilled to have granted his Wish and to have helped create memories for him and his family that will last a lifetime. For a young man who has gone through so much, it was our honor.


Sponsored by Rock Rhythm and Blues

Kostantinos  - 17  years old

From – North Providence, RI

Illness- Bone Cancer




Breauna’s Wish was to go to Disney World!

“ Breauna was referred to us in the spring with a significant heart disease.  Tragedy struck when her family was vacationing in New Hampshire.  Her Father drowned in a boat accident.  This trip was the family’s opportunity to bond and recover.


“This was a trip and experience of a lifetime, something my family desperately needed. This trip gave us a reset, time to laugh, time to appreciate life, and most importantly time together.  Our gratefulness can never be properly expressed.”

~ Mom


Sponsored by Ironworkers Local # 37

Breauna -16  years old

From – Chepachet, RI

Illness- Significant Heart Disease



The pure Joy of a wish as written by Diavion's Mom: I do not know where to begin. This was the absolute best “wish” that Diavion could have ever had granted to her. At the airport we were given VIP treatment. The Pilot walked us on the plane with him and an announcement was made regarding AWCT and Diavion’s wish and everyone clapped.
The Carnival Cruise Line personnel were overwhelmingly accommodating and I was brought to tears many times. They all knew us before we even got on the boat. We were given VIP treatment and anything that Diavion or us wanted or needed it was given to us. At dinner, they presented Diavion with a beautiful “wish” cake and they sang “happy wish day” to us. We had gifts and chocolates sent to our cabin daily. 


The Cruise Director, Mikey, sent a letter to meet with us and he had something special planned. After one show he had us stay after and a photographer came and took pictures of Diavion and the cast. Mikey gave Diavion a red rose and presented her with a chocolate cake. Another night, Mikey asked Diavion for her favorite song and he dedicated it to Diavion at the end of a show and everyone danced to it. She was given a VIP pass to wear. 
Diavion was planning to participate in a Lip Sync contest but we were told she couldn’t do it due to her disabilities. She handled the news fine. So later that day on the Lido deck, the DJ played her song. She got onstage (spontaneously) danced and sang her heart out in front of 300 people. They cheered and danced along and everyone stood and applauded. This was the second day of the cruise and Diavion was now known by everyone on the boat. Every day, fellow passengers came up to us and hugged Diavion and mentioned that she was an inspiration to them.

And lastly, as we entered the plane to go home, the pilot invited Diavion and I to the cock pit. We were in there for 30 minutes. Diavion made the announcement over the microphone and said Welcome overboard (lol). We are heading to Providence. Have a nice flight.” And the limo driver was waiting for us as we got off the plane.

I know this was a lot to read, but I wanted you to know that all your hard work certainly paid off and we are so grateful that Diavion and us got to experience this wonderful wish. Special thanks to volunteer wish granters Melanie Panarello & Catherine DeOrsey, Carnival Cruise LineArrow-Prestige Limousine & CoachSouthwest Airlines & Brenda Ferra from T. F. Green Airport everyone working together for Diavion!


Age 14

Aidan chose a shopping spree at Best Buy and Dick’s Sporting Goods in North Attleboro. Best Buy rolled out the red carpet, with balloons, a personal shopper and a photographer. An incredible surprise moment happen for Aidan when Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox face-timed him in the limo before his spree began. Dustin also sent a signed jersey and baseball, with a special message for Aidan written on both. Special thanks to Dustin & Kelly Pedroia and to Michele, Dustin's agent, for your kindness and compassion. Thank you Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods and Tracy Walsh, Aidan's volunteer wish granter, It was truly an amazing and memorable day for Aidan and his family!


Age 12

Madison cruised through the Western Caribbean on Cruise ship Carnival Vista. She enjoyed her island excursions of swimming with the dolphins, zip lining and a catamaran sail. It was definitely a trip to remember and Madison had a blast! Special thanks to Junior Paquette and his committee for sponsoring Madison’s wish through funds raised at the 4th Annual Academia Club Pig Roast! Also special thanks to Carnival Cruise Line for taking extra special care of Madison and her family!


Age 16

Olivia recently had her wish granted and she went to Florida where she visited Disney World, Universal Studios, and Seaworld! Olivia had a great time on the trip and her mom had nothing but great things to say.


“From the moment we stepped off our front porch, we were catered to and had everything we could possibly want or need. The pool at the Village was a welcome treat at the end of the day as well as the ice cream available anytime as many times a day as you like. In the Village Castle, the ceiling has over 150,000 stars that represent children that have visited. Every morning we received gifts left in our villa for the girls whether it be candy, games or stuffed animals. I cried quite a few happy tears throughout our journey. When I look back at all we were able to do, it's hard not to cry.” Special thanks to AGI Construction for sponsoring Olivia’s wish!


Age 17

Brendan’s wish was to attend a Celtics game and meet, super star, Isaiah Thomas. Our wish coordinator arranged for Brendan to meet Isaiah, before a practice session, and they had a chat and got a few great photos together. Then Brendan attended the practice session, which was an exciting up close view that most people will never get of the Celtics. Later that day, Brendan attended the Celtics vs. Cavaliers game. Brendan even spent some quality time with Isaiah before the game where he received a Celtics shirt with his last name and Isaiah’s number on the back of it. The kindness that was shown by Isaiah Thomas to a young man who has gone through so much made this wish even more amazing. Brendan had a great time at the game and loved the overall experience!


Age 8

Antonio recently returned from Disney World where he had a blast. He went with his mom, her sister and his cousin. Antonio’s doctor told us that he was at the perfect age for a trip to Disney World, and she was right! It was the perfect time according to all attendees and Antonio will not forget the great memories that he made during his trip. Special thanks to Kent Washington Association of Realtors for sponsoring Antonio’s very special wish!


Age 18

Being one of the top hammer-throw competitors in the world while at Barrington High School is what got Bobby a scholarship to the University of Alabama this past fall. But hip and shoulder pain that he chalked up to pushing too hard was diagnosed instead by the Crimson Tide Athletic Physician as a cancerous tumor. Bobby's wish was to attend the Super Bowl! Bobby and his father flew to Texas to watch the Patriots take home a victory! Click on the picture for more!


Age 18

Check out that smile! Our wish teen Andre’s wish was to go to BioWare in Canada. BioWare is a video game development company that was thrilled (as we are) to grant Andre’s wish!


Age 18

Meet Esdras, one of our wish children! His wish was for a state of the art laptop that has graphic design and gaming capability, with an assortment of graphic design books that Esdras selected. His wish was our command! With his volunteer wish granter Mary, our wish coordinator Beverly Molles and his doctor, Dr. Angela Anderson, he was presented with his wish come true! Thank you to all of our supporters who make granting wishes possible!


Age 11

Emma definitely thought outside the box when it came to choosing her wish. As Emma is a huge fan of Captain America and Captain Marvel, she chose to go to San Diego California to attend Comic Con this past July. AWCT flew her entire family to San Diego. Emma and her sisters Brooke and Alison dressed the part when it came time to attend Comic Con. What fun they had. 


Age 3

In Mom’s words..."We had SO MUCH FUN! My family cannot thank the A Wish Come True enough for what you had done for us and especially Liam! Seeing his face light up and have such a big smile that we don't see that often was amazing and melted my heart. To be honest we only spent a few hours at the park because we wanted to be at the Give Kids The World more! It was so much fun and the parties were great! Liam had a BLAST and was very sad to leave. It broke my heart seeing him cry because he didn't want to go home. Liam kept saying he wants his other home (GKTW home). Thank you so much for making Liam's wish come true!!!" In the words of our Board of Directors..... What a beautiful thank you Mom! We are honored and committed to ensure all of our donations go to kids like Liam and their families to enjoy precious time together. Seeing the smile on Liam's face is all the thank you we need! In the words of our office staff, "dreams are only a wish away"!


Age 16

Alexandria went on her wish trip to the eastern Caribbean on Carnival Cruises. Alex and her family had a wonderful time exploring islands in the Caribbean. They went on adventures such as swimming with the dolphins! Another wish granted!


Age 5

Nathan loves to play outside with his brothers. The perfect wish was built right in his backyard, a Swing set and a club house. Nathan, his older brother Demetrius, and younger brother Isaac, will get years of use on Nathan’s Wish Swing set. Many thanks to Hearthside Fireplace & Patio, especially Paul Lamy, for not only providing AWCT with a generous discount and free installation, but for providing Nathan’s family with kindness! Also, thank you to Nathan's wish granters, our amazing volunteers, Diane Pellegrino & Jeremy Bosco!


Age 7

Astou was surprised by Ariel at the airport last week on her way to Disney for her wish! Thanks to Dreams Come True for meeting her as she got out of the limo. She was so surprised she ran over to her and gave her a big hug! 


Age 6

Armstrong, who does not have control of his hands or legs, had wished to have a computer like he has at school. In order to complete his wish his teacher and Assistive Technology representative Madeline who works with Armstrong, were very helpful in guiding us in the purchase of the right software so that Armstrong can use his eyes to operate his new computer as opposed to his hands. Special thanks to Armstrong’s wish granters, Tracy Walsh & Jeremy Bosco and to Tyler Walsh and Dave Weigel for putting together the handicapped desk that was part of Armstrong’s wish. Last, but certainly not lease Thank you to Hanscom Air Force Base for sponsoring Armstrong’s wish! Together we have made sure one little boy’s wish came true!


Age 15

Michael and his family recently returned from his wish trip to Rangeley Maine where they stayed at a cabin at Rangeley Lake Resort. .. Mom sent in a thank you note telling us it was such an amazing peaceful place, just what her family needed. They were able to bring Michael’s little service dog Fiona with them and everyone had a wonderful time! Special thanks to Rangeley Lake Resort for your generous donation!


Age 9

We’d like you to meet Ranya! She is a 9 year old girl,  who is suffering from Mitochondrial Disorder which presents her with many challenges. Ranya enjoys playing Mario Cart with her siblings, and watching her favorite TV show “My Little Pony”! It was Ranya’s wish to travel to Disney World before school started in the fall – and her dream came true! Ranya and her family spent most of their week visiting the Disney and Universal Theme Parks – and with the VIP passes they were able to go on many rides! Helena, Ranya’s mother shared that the family “had an awesome time in Florida and they made memories that will last a life time. Seeing the smiles on the girls’ faces was priceless”. We would like to thank everyone for making Ranya’s wish come true!


Age 8

Rylan, an 8 year old wish child, has a form of cancer that produces fast-growing tumors located on the cerebellum of the brain.  With help from our friends at Alex and Ani’s Charity by Design team and the NE Patriots Foundation, we were overjoyed to be able to grant Rylan’s wish to meet a player from his favorite sports team, the New England Patriots.  Bruschi, a retired NE Patriot linebacker, brought with him a swag bag of gifts for Rylan. He received a Patriot’s jersey with his last name on the back, a photograph signed by Tom Brady, an autographed football, and other surprises. Tedy spent an hour talking to Rylan, sharing fun stories and helping him download games to his new iPad.  We are grateful and thankful to Tedy for taking the time to help make Rylan’s wish come true!


Age 13

Grace is a local wish child who is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Grace's wish was sponsored by the 2015 GSSNE Cookie Sale Community Service Project. Hundreds of local troops donated a portion of their cookie sale profits to help Grace’s wish to visit the Food Network in NYC for the taping of the show “Chopped" come true. She was able to meet the host, Ted Allen and the show's three judges. She shared her love of cooking with them and received autographs from each one. Grace made so many memories sharing stories with the judges, taking about her recipes with Ted Allen, and touring the set that she has seen so many times on television. Her mother tells us, “Grace was in complete awe and beyond overjoyed…this was truly her WISH COME TRUE!”


Age 5

Sophia, a 5 year old who suffers from Cerebral Palsy which affects her muscles and as such she can’t sit up, roll over, walk, talk or eat by mouth. Just last year she was admitted to the ICU 3 times, Despite her challenges, she is always happy and is very curious. She uses an Eye-Gaze speech generating device to communicate. She recently had her WISH come true to visit Disney World accompanied by her parents and brothers. Sophia loves princesses and was able to meet many of them, go on rides, see the fireworks above Cinderella’s castle and watch the parades!. Her mom shared with us, "Sophia is so physically limited I wasn't sure how much she would be able to do but she had a great time! This was the best thing ever for her. She got to just be a kid, like everyone else!"


Age 13

When Haley was 13, she had her ultimate dream come true when she was able to meet pop idol Lady Gaga. For her wish, a white limousine picked her up at her home and drove her and her family to the airport where they boarded their flight to Dallas, TX. They attended Lady Gaga's concert at the Toyota Center in Houston and afterwards went backstage for a meet and greet. Talking with one of her favorite singers felt so surreal to her, and it was a moment Haley will never forget. 

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