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Wish Guardians are a group of caring people who want to ensure the financial health of A Wish Come True.  They plan a gift from their assets which A Wish Come True will receive now or in the future.  Generally these gifts are especially generous and leave a donor feeling a great sense of satisfaction!

Did you know that you can make A Wish Come True a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, retirement plan, or your will?  Charities, unlike individuals, do not have to pay “inheritance” or “income taxes” on retirement plan gifts and so receive 100% of the proceeds.  You might choose to leave a percentage of your IRA or life insurance policy on the beneficiary form – it is simple to do!

But first be sure to call A Wish Come True to speak with a member of our staff and let them know you intend to make a future gift to the organization.  Our support team will help you think through your options and recommend one that best fits your unique situation.  We will also welcome you into the membership of the Wish Guardians! 

Wish Guardians receive special benefits for membership.  For example, they receive special updates and invitations to exclusive events.  Please fill out the contact form below or call our office at 401-781-9199 for assistance.


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